Yoga & Sleep

I often wish I could attend my own yoga classes. Why? Because my students often report that they sleep so well after attending.


Many of us have no trouble sleeping - you know, head hits the pillow and that's it until the alarm goes off the following morning.


For a few of us, sleep can become something of a nemesis. We want / need it desperately, but it escapes us like water trickling through our fingertips.


There are many reasons for sleep being something of an issue: anxiety, issues at work, new baby, illness, menopause...


Here's a link to a rather wonderful offering of yoga poses that can help aid sleep. The main feature we are seeking are postures that 'close' the body. Forward folds etc as opposed to back bends (more ideally suited to earlier in the day). Our forward folding postures fall into the 'moon' phase of yoga (Ha = sun; tha = moon). I often refer to these as 'soothers for our soft centre' - they encourage the slowing down of the activity within the nervous system.


Want a little more assistance? Then I can highly recommend yoga nidra ... here's a link to some free resources from the wonderful Yoga Nidra Network - direct your attention to the two offerings from Nirlipta Tuli - I can affirm these being absolute winners for me!


Sweet dreams!



[Post originally appeared on Esprit Yoga Blog]

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