"Yeah, but..."

Generally meditation is viewed as one of those things that someone we know has done, or something that we’ve tried a few times, but for various reasons ‘it didn’t work’.  People come to meditation for a variety of reasons, but unfortunately, the number that continue a regular practice after that first flush of excitement has gone declines quite quickly.

There are a few reasons that meditation is either avoided or dropped...


“Yeah, but I lack motivation on my own.“ 

Meditation – Practice Made Simple offers support and advice on creating motivation, sustaining it and having the support of a group once-a-month.  There is no judgement over whether you have managed to sit every day or not; we share what has worked for us and just as important, what hasn’t worked.  This helps reduce the sense of failure and / or isolation that is often experienced.  Support is continued with weekly mailings as well as comprehensive notes to accompany each session attended.


“Yeah, but I haven’t got the time.”

Meditation – Practice Made Simple encourages you to start slowly – all that is asked from the beginning is 3 minutes twice a day.  This has just been extended to a maximum of 10 minutes.  This element of time is do-able for most people’s schedule and removes the pressure that is often felt when trying to find 20 minutes or more.


“Yeah, but I struggle to sit still for too long.”

Meditation – Practice Made Simple meets you where you are – sitting still for long periods would be a barrier to starting something new for anyone.  Practices are offered in bite-size exercises that translate into being accessible without becoming restrictive.  Sitting on the floor uncomfortable?  No worries you can use a chair.  Do you have physical aches and pains?  No worries – we punctuate the practice with movement – recognising that meditation isn’t just something that happens on a cushion or chair.


Meditation – Practice Made Simple is designed to help you create the meditation practice that is right for you.  New practices and methods are introduced regularly so your interest is maintained. All of which enables you to start appreciating the benefits that meditation can bring, such as lowered stress levels, reductions in pain, stress, anxiety and supports recovery in depression as well as improving levels of concentration.


So next time you find yourself saying, “yeah, but...” we’ve got it covered!



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