Woman Awake

Well, it's hello and goodbye.


Last Saturday, the Meditation & More group finished our reading guide - The Untethered Soul (Michael A Singer). Despite personal preferences, it has offered us a very rich source of topics for discussion. On Saturday, Chapter 17 (Contemplating Death), prompted much debate.


In particular, what stops us living a life of no regret or fear? How not to fear death, if we are living a  life that's full. "It shouldn't take death to challenge you to live your life at your highest level." (p158)


Each day provides us with many opportunities, it's simply how we choose to relate to them is what makes the difference.


These are issues that arise during our meditation. Practice is about being able to sit with the full spectrum of life, not just the prettiest things.


It would be true to say that the meditation group has grown and ripened into one that isn't afraid to approach many topics.


One of which on Saturday was the practice of 'othering' (this will be covered in the upcoming A Mindful Woman course starting next month). Othering: how we put others before ourselves and our own needs.

Admittedly it's necessary at times, but all too often it becomes a habit that leaves us feeling depleted.


Which segues into our new reading guide: Woman Awake (Christina Feldman).


I for one am excited at the journey this book will take us on! Why not join us?


Details of our next session (Saturday 20 May), and details of A Mindful Woman (the 5-week course starting 08 May) can be found here: claire-murphy.com/courses/meditation


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