Why Women Need Yoga

Fortunately for me, I've practised yoga spanning some 28+ years now (teaching for 25) and in that time, it has supported me through various stages in my life.


Yoga is so adaptable (in the hands of an experienced teacher) and can serve you in your own unique way.


Having experienced many years of endometriosis and other gynae issues, my yoga mat become my haven. The art of rolling out my mat and stepping on to it became a ritual. The coolness of the mat beneath my feet at first, then, lying down, it was like being received and supported all at once.


I have taught through every life-stage practically, so as a woman and as a teacher I feel I am best-placed to know what I'm talking about. With the best intentions in the world, male teachers are unable to relate to a woman's needs if in her menstrual cycle or perhaps experiencing pelvic floor issues. Let's also be honest here, how comfortable and open are women to discussing these events in an open class generally?


Through both of my pregnancies, it was the opportunity to pause and be with my breath when my body was producing two beautiful beings, that yoga helped me connect with a more positive body image than I'd ever had before.


And now, as a menopausal woman, it is really earning its keep in my life. It provides once again the solace I crave from the ever-changing landscape of both my body and mind as I find a way of being comfortable in this new skin.


In-between my own experiences, I have been absolutely blessed to work with many women, including those being treated with cancer, experiencing prolapse and other pelvic floor conditions, as well as stroke survivors and multiple sclerosis.


I recently had a student who'd started with me in September say she couldn't imagine her life without it now.


As women, don't we deserve to have something everyday that helps us reconnect with ourselves and at the same time nourish and heal us?


I offer two classes for women each week in Watford, Hertfordshire.


Full details of my classes can be found here: Women's Yoga

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