What do you REALLY need?

Last night saw women from previous mindfulness courses attend for a A Mindful Top-up

As with any new endeavour, there's always the 'honeymoon period' and we have good intentions to continue with a chosen practice or activity.

All too soon, our tendencies and our defaults creep back in and it becomes harder and harder to maintain the enthusiasm, especially once outside the regular weekly classes now that they've finished.

This is why meditation and mindfulness needs community - practising and discussing the highs and lows in a supportive group helps to keep the momentum alive.

So last night we looked at the 3 stages of progress and how we cycle through the stages in all that we are doing in life, not necessarily mindfulness.

In addition, the importance of an intention.

The reason you found your way to the classes initially may no longer be valid and other elements have moved and changed in your life.

It is so important to ask yourself regularly..."What do I need?" and wait for an answer. Then ask yourself..."What do I really need in this moment?"

Tuning to our present moment needs is key to keeping the momentum and encouraging us to embed the formal as well as the informal practices into our lives.

Meditation Solutions for Women in Watford include:

Regular monthly meditation sessions
Introduction to Mindfulness courses
A Mindful Top-up - sessions to keep your mindfulness practice going

Full details can be found here: claire-murphy.com/courses/meditation



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