Well Woman Yoga - An Introduction

The Journey To Well Woman


As yoga has been the mainstay of my life for more than 27 years, I have seen the practice support me through so many aspects of my life as a woman.


There’s been the journey of many, many years of gynaecological problems, surgeries and consultations leading to a diagnosis of infertility.  The two, very blessed but totally unexpected pregnancies (7 years apart) along with two very different births.  Through it all, yoga has been there, all the way to where I find myself now on the threshold of menopause.


Joining me on these journeys have been the women I have had the pleasure to teach – far too many to mention, but each has left their mark, especially those whose journey through pregnancy into motherhood, followed by the sharing of their babies at baby yoga, hold a very special place in my heart.


Within this, the practice of yoga and my teaching has had to adapt and mould itself to the ever-increasing and changing needs of the students who come to me.


So it was some time ago I found myself considering my own personal needs and recognising that if I had these issues, then so too did the women I was in contact with.


As I looked into how I could support myself on the journey of menopause, I kept coming across time and again, accounts of women needing to resort to hysterectomy or other surgeries to correct what appeared to be lost due to the ‘change’ she was finding herself experiencing.


Whilst hormonal changes are significant, there are other factors too, and many of these can relate to childbirth earlier on in a woman’s life, but also, interestingly, women who have never had children, experience similar issues as well. 


Why do so many women experience issues with incontinence and prolapse?  Why do they find themselves wishing that ‘down there’ didn’t cause them so many problems?


The Land Down Under

It is a sad fact that women, even in 2014, find it embarrassing, even shameful, to talk about problems they may be experiencing.  We are often led to believe that this is the ‘curse’ of being born a woman, and we simply need to grin and bear it.


However, when I was a volunteer with The Birth Trauma Association, time and time again, I bore witness to the abuse of women’s bodies through the process of childbirth – practices that were ill-advised and often performed without consent, leaving women in pain, depressed, at times leading to PTSD.  All this at a time when a woman should be enjoying the transition into the new phase of her life and falling in love with her baby – not being subjected to the reliving of a nightmare, over and over again.  These courageous women often found they could not talk of their difficulties, creating a deeper sense of isolation and suffering.


The recovery and ‘repair’ can often be hit and miss, and due to the strength of a woman’s resolve, we do get through it – we often ‘grin and bear it’ and try, as best we can, to forget it ever happened.


This was where I was finding the connections with problems at menopause which can bring a woman straight back to ‘down there’ and having to navigate our way through, yet again.


Poor postural alignment is also significant, so for those women who have not had children, will often find this a major factor in the development of pelvic problems.


Yoga Therapy

So it was that I embarked on yet more training (much to the dismay of my husband who has had to share me with the writing of essays many, many times over the years).


Having a therapeutic background and approach to yoga teaching, it was something of a no-brainer really.


It has been a fascinating journey through the training and the hours (and hours) of essay writing and research to complete, in what I hope will bring a new phase and approach for women I work with.


The Classes

Well Woman classes launch on Thursday 15 January 2015.  Classes are gently paced and provide support for a variety of issues that affect the quality and vitality of a woman’s life:

• Anxiety
• Pelvic pain
• Hormone imbalances
• Menstrual issues
• Peri-menopause & Menopause
• Incontinence
• Prolapse
• Healing following childbirth

Through a blend of postures, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation, you will re-discover a deeper connection with yourself, enabling you to feel more empowered whilst at the same time, creating the inner circumstances to heal and rebalance.  This is a mind-body approach to working with your body, but please be aware that healing and comfort takes time, patience and a willingness to work to achieve it.

In time it is hoped that the sessions will also give women a safe platform in which to be able to talk openly about any issues that are of concern, safe in the knowledge that others within the group will be able to relate and offer support, thereby reducing the sense of isolation women often experience when dealing with pain and discomfort within the vagina and pelvic area.


Please click here for further details and booking: Well Woman Yoga




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