Virtual Womxn in Nature

It is a known fact, that when faced with adversity, we are able to show our creativity and resilience in many unique ways.


Having planned another Womxn in Nature outdoors workshop, I initially felt disheartened, wondering when it would be possible to reschedule.


Then I realised that with the gift of technology, and womxn's unique blend of resourcefulness, it was still possible and I'm so excited.


Tomorrow (Sunday 12 April), I shall be hosting a virtual gathering, and have to admit I was inspired immensely by Ariana from the Earthbody Institute and Ryan of Wild Nature Heart, who mentored me last year.


The morning begins at 8am and will be a blend of checking-in via Zoom, group meditation and reflective writing, before leaving to have a personal nature experience. We are then rejoining as a group via Zoom for some more activities before closing our time together.


I was reminded whilst planning this, of an inspirational poster that was on the wall of the office I worked in during the 80's:


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