Understanding our Babies

The baby yoga classes are a wonderful way to get to know our babies through the fun of song and rhyme, as well as share what we have discovered about their developments or to talk generally around feeding or sleep issues. This can be so beneficial as a parent, as often we receive conflicting advice from Health Visitors or books and magazines that we read. So to hear how another parent has managed a similar situation can help enormously.
In this week’s class, for example, we were treated to a discussion on ‘The Wonder Weeks’. For those who are unaware or perhaps a little skeptical, it may appear to be a little strange. To come to a better understanding, you can try it out for yourself to see. There is an option of signing up for free to receive updates of your baby’s ‘Leaps’
based on your due date (not the date baby was born).
It would be great to hear from those of you using the system to learn if it does actually correlate with how your baby is, especially as I, unfortunately, don’t have a baby anymore to test the theory out on.
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