In last night’s Women’s Wisdom Yoga, transitions and the parasympathetic nervous system were the main focus.


This was really bought home to me after running my signature workshop at the weekend – Being Stillness. The importance of ‘rest and digest’ and how little space we give ourselves for this very important function.


We are constantly in a ‘forward’ motion, physically as well as structurally and anticipating what will be coming next, often well before what we are currently engaged in has completed, let alone allowing time for us to absorb and consolidate before moving on.


Transitions happen all the time:


From one conversation to another – have we really listened and understood or have we simply got the ‘gist’ of it?


From work to home – have we truly arrived in every sense of the word (physically, mentally, emotionally) or are we still fractured with events of the day still demanding our awareness?


From one yoga posture to the next – do we allow time for our bodies to absorb the essence of what is happening before we change shape?


From one breath to the next – is it smooth and even, or is there a jaggedness about it?


Transitions help us maintain equilibrium so that our fight or flight response isn’t always switched on.


Yoga simply isn’t what happens on the mat – it is carried through your whole being into every interaction you have.


Notice how you transition today – it can prove very interesting!


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