There is no normal...

I know these are challenging times, but I really do feel we need to stop using the phrase of 'going back to normal' - surely this is what got us in this mess to begin with?

When I used to teach for pregnancy, women would talk of getting back to normal after having a baby - there's no 'going back' to how things were before - all is changed forever.

These times are calling for us to release all that we are clinging to as our default behaviours, and use this as a valuable (I acknowledge, painful) learning curve.
Nobody asked for this, but perhaps it was needed to help us really see what we do as a species.

So many posts have appeared on social media about bird song - that was always there, only we weren't pausing long enough in our busy-ness to notice. We have been too self-absorbed in the movie of our own lives to pause, to really see and hear what the backdrop is.

Perhaps this may help people realise that celebrity endorsements won't save your life; the next gadget or piece of technology is not going to protect those you love from something invisible to the naked eye. 


Maybe, just maybe, humanity will start to appreciate our beatiful Earth for all that she is and does, unconditionally.


[Image: via Google]

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