Flexing the Meditation Muscle

Today was the March offering of Meditation - Practice Made Simple.  Over the last few months, those attending have been trying some different approaches and techniques in order to learn how to not only focus the mind, but keep it focused.


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"Yeah, but..."

Generally meditation is viewed as one of those things that someone we know has done, or something that we’ve tried a few times, but for various reasons ‘it didn’t work’.  People come to meditation for a variety of reasons, but unfortunately, the number that continue a regular practice after that first flush of excitement has gone declines quite quickly.

There are a few reasons that meditation is either avoided or dropped...


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The Power of 5

Just 5 minutes...

For those who attended January’s Meditation – Practice Made Simple you may now be on the week 2 practice guideline (if following the prescription) of sitting for just 5 minutes and being aware of the breath.  For those of you who may be interested, you can try it for yourself, there's not much to lose (just 5 minutes!)

5 minutes is such a small amount of time – anyone, even the busiest person, can find 5 minutes.


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Motivation in Meditation

Life occurs at the very tip of motivation – Joseph Goldstein

Last week was the first session of the year in supporting others to get started with a meditation experience – Meditation – Practice Made Simple.
The main focus to begin with is that of knowing why you want to meditate.  This comes down to motivation.
Unusual to see motivation ahead of methods of practice perhaps, but really, it is essential in order to have a chance of creating a practice and being able to maintain it.

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Visual Noise

I was recently introduced to a term 'visual noise', which in essence is used to describe everything around us that we see, which in turn creates some sort of feedback, whether pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.


Taking time to consider this further, it would make sense that our outer world is, to the best of our abilities, visually appealing, irrespective of where we may find ourselves.  We may not be blessed with a garden, but we can bring colour into the home through the use of fabrics or houseplants.


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Self Compassion

Last weekend, I ran one of my popular workshops ‘Being Stillness’.  These were borne out of the direction that my own personal yoga practice had been taking me and in 2011 I decided to dip a toe in the water and see what others thought of the approach.

Offering something that is different to what you are normally associated with can be quite daunting and requires a willingness to be vulnerable and really show your ‘soft centre’.

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Sit Still and Listen

Sit still and listen. Hush – Silence – Stillness.

It is more difficult than people think.  Why is this so difficult? Spirit world do not understand.

But the distractions of your modern world infiltrate your entire being.  You constantly get bombarded by noise, heard and unheard.  24 hours of each and every day.  Exhaustion overloads your body.  Your world is under attack by forces that you allow to dominate.

Eliminate all or some of these aspects and you will feel refreshed less anxious and fearful.

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Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche

In memory of Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche

He gave so much to the world and created many opportunities to help the lives of others

Prayers and blessings


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