Sakyadhita UK

For some years, I have been a member of Sakyadhita International, whose key objectives are:

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There is no normal...

I know these are challenging times, but I really do feel we need to stop using the phrase of 'going back to normal' - surely this is what got us in this mess to begin with?

When I used to teach for pregnancy, women would talk of getting back to normal after having a baby - there's no 'going back' to how things were before - all is changed forever.

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Hope Will Not Be Cancelled

I'm sorry to pop up again right now, as I'm sure many of you are experiencing overwhelm. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am thinking of you all, and to let you know that I am making offerings more accessible at this time.


Yoga is not cancelled:

Last night I held our regular yoga class, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to connect with everyone. It reaffirmed how important it is for us to remain in touch and to keep pockets of normality amidst the chaos.

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C is for...

~ Courage ~ Compassion ~ Connection ~


At the time of writing this, we are all experiencing something that we could not have predicted, nor have the emotional and physical resources to fully understand.

It is important to try, as best you can, not to be drawn in to the sensationalism on social media, and to follow basic practices to keep yourself and loved ones safe.


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Rain of Blessings


“Trees grow out of my body
I'm not sure if I planted them
or if they planted me"
- Ryan Van Lenning -


On the cusp of the Autumn Equinox, I met with a group of women at our local park between two impressive Cedar of Lebanon trees, for a mini-workshop entitled 'Women in Nature'.

The morning was an opportunity for us to gather to meditate and write within the presence of these beautiful trees, using nature as our inspirational guide.

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Meditation: finding the right practice

Google meditation and you will be inundated with thousands of possibilities, amongst which will be familiar themes (many cliched) on how it will help you clear your mind (I'm still yet to understand how this is even possible), how it can change your life in 21 days (what happens after that time?) as well as epic journeys into colourful realms. 

Many are very sincere and well-meaning, but there's very few that will suggest using the very stuff of your life as the fuel for the practice.

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Meditation & Uninvited Guests

When we get quiet (which is what our meditation practice invites us to do), that's when other elements put in an appearance.


All those uninvited visitors decide to drop in unannounced: thoughts, feelings; memories, etc.


We have a choice - this is the beauty of meditation, it's all about remembering we have choices.


You can use your normal default of burying your head in the sand and pretending these visitors aren't there (in effect, slamming the door in their face).


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Women's Monthly Meditation

Time to Focus - our monthly meditation group for women, provides a wonderful space in which you can re-focus aspects of your life through the lens of meditation.


The group is suitable for beginners and the seasoned meditator alike, and offers 3 x meditation practices, discussion on our group reading guide as well as other aspects of practice and how it relates to our lives as women.


Refreshments are also provided.


Plus! You will see that meditation isn't always what you thought it was.


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