Jake's Baby Yoga Experience

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Jake is 6 months old now and we've been attending baby yoga since he was 7 weeks.

I'm no stranger to Claire's yoga classes having been a regular student of hers for many, many years and then having the wonderful experience of attending her pregnancy yoga sessions.  It was always a matter of when Jake would start and not if.


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Baby Harry - Leora Leboff's story of loss & loneliness

Baby Harry

Loneliness. It's been a recurrent theme since losing Baby Harry. From the moment I was told at my 20 week scan that my baby had a series of anomalies and that I may need to terminate the pregnancy. Not long after I knew I was expecting him, I had instinctively felt something wasn't quite right. However, it didn't make the process any less shocking as I wished at the time that my instincts had been completely wrong. When the anomaly midwife sat my husband and me down in a side room, I didn't know how to process the information I was receiving.


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Skin-to-Skin Contact at Birth

A topic that comes up quite often in class is that of skin-to-skin contact. Women are often keen to learn more of the benefits. In addition, women who have had a previous birth experience and missed out, are very keen to have the opportunity for skin-to-skin.
The benefits, as stated by the World Health Organisation, immediately at birth are:
  • Reduces crying
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