Supported Squats for Birth

Within the pregnancy yoga classes that I teach, I also incorporate aspects of active birth education too. It creates a more rounded class and allows context for many of the postures that lend themselves from yoga into the birth environment.


Squats are often discussed, and I like to offer two variations where the labouring woman feels totally supported. It also means that she is not bearing all the weight and effort.


Below you will find the variations I teach:



This variation can be performed with your birth partner sitting on a chair as in the picture above, or it would transfer to them sitting on the side of the birth pool and being able to support you whilst you are in the water.

With this option you would not be getting up and down between each contraction as you are able to enjoy the full support of both your partner and the water.



This option gives your partner the opportunity to fully support your weight from behind, meaning less effort for you.

Important Note: If your birth partner has a back condition, it is important that they lean against a wall for support in order to protect their back from strain.

Your partner takes their forearms under your arms / armpits and you hold their hands. Make sure you are allowing your body to lean against your birth partner, and then drop into a complete squat. It is important that you let go completely and allow your partner to take your weight.


Information and images taken from my self-published guide: Birthing Positively - Create the birth that's right for you - available for £10.00 in class, or via post (p+p charges applicable).


To find out more about my pregnancy yoga classes and the education that I offer, please visit my website: Claire Murphy Yoga


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