Skin-to-Skin Contact at Birth

A topic that comes up quite often in class is that of skin-to-skin contact. Women are often keen to learn more of the benefits. In addition, women who have had a previous birth experience and missed out, are very keen to have the opportunity for skin-to-skin.
The benefits, as stated by the World Health Organisation, immediately at birth are:
  • Reduces crying
  • Improves mother-infant interaction
  • Keeps the baby warm
  • Helps the mother to breastfeed successfully
  • No negative effects were identified
Dad gets a look-in too! It was found that with Fathers offering skin-to-skin contact immediately at birth following a c-section, the benefits were:
  • They stopped crying
  • Baby became calmer
  • Enabled the feeding response
  • Built a special bond with Dad
  • Regulated baby’s body temperature
A big thank you to Kirsti and Carina who attended the pregnancy yoga classes and offered the use of their beautiful photos for this article.
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