September & Starting Over

Summer is a source of richness in so many ways. We have good weather generally, though here in the UK that definitely seems to be an optional extra. There's also opportunities for many of us to unwind from our normal rhythms and try to reconnect with relaxation, which can take many forms from gardening, painting, writing or any other number of pursuits.


The return to schedules and school drop-offs and pick-ups can feel like our time away from it all was nothing but a distant memory.


If this is you already, as here we are at the end of the first week of schools starting back, then you may be interested in a one-day workshop I have coming up on Saturday 23 September. I liken it to a retreat in a day.


Moving through gentle yoga (so it's suitable for every woman), meditation and prompted writing exercises, we once again have an opportunity to listen to our inner voices rather than the clamour that's happening around us.


Past participants left feeling refreshed and energised, yet inspired in different ways.


Full details and booking can be found here: Women's Stories - one day can help you reset that inner balance once again.

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