Self-care: Before & After Birth

Taking time for ourselves is tricky, especially when we find ourselves multi-tasking most of the day. Considering our own needs can become something of a distant memory.


Set yourself up for the day with a really nutritious breakfast - it can be made in advance and the good thing is the quantities you make can keep you going for several days.


No more grabbing an unexciting piece of toast or a handful of biscuits, this will really boost you on many levels.


Overnight Oats:

I have to admit, I'm something of a late convert to this. I've seen so many images from friends on Instagram and the like and there was something that I simply couldn't get my head around. It may have to do with being raised in a generation where oats were served hot - who knows?


So I'm writing this from a place of 'wow, I didn't realise it could be this easy and taste so good'.


I'm something of a visual person, very rarely using kitchen scales, so apologies for those of you who need exact measurements :)


You will need:

Oats (roughly 200g give or take!)
Milk / Soya / Almond (whichever is your dietary preference)
1/2 tin coconut milk (optional)
Flaked almonds (optional)
Ground chia seeds (optional)


Currently I'm adding milled flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts & co-enzyme Q10 to my mixtures (available from health food stores - the brand is Linwoods and they offer a wide variety of milled nuts / seeds)


Method: put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and stir to mix them thoroughly. Then add the wet ingredient(s) and stir in. You will want the mixture to be quite runny / gloopy as the oats and other ingredients will soak up the moisture. (Otherwise you will have a rather solid mixture the following morning - not so nice).


Cover and pop in the fridge. Takes about 3-4 minutes to make and you're done. My mix (as I'm the only one eating it) lasts me about 3-4 days. So that's a huge saving in time - plus - you have a healthy start which will help boost energy levels too.


Simply add a fruit compote or chopped bananas / other fruits each morning!


With thanks to Jenny Burrell Education for this gorgeous recipe.


Continue your self-care by joining one of my yoga classes this September:


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Picture: Google images / Pinterest

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