Sakyadhita UK

For some years, I have been a member of Sakyadhita International, whose key objectives are:

  • to establish an international alliance of Buddhist women
  • to advance the spiritual and secular welfare of the world's women
  • to work for gender equity in Buddhist education, training institutional structures, and ordination
  • to promote harmony and dialogue among the Buddhist traditions and other religions
  • to encourage research and publications on topics of interest to Buddhist women
  • to foster compassionate social action for the benefit of humanity
  • to promote world peace through the teachings of the Buddha


Within this time, the original UK branch that had been founded in 2007 was not running.

Then in July, a chance sighting of a post on social media, alerted me to the fact that there was growing interest in reviving the regional chapter within the UK. Which goes to prove there are benefits to social media.


We have met several times via Zoom - which is such a wonderful tool to help us all connect with each other. Even more so when considering how far apart we all are geographically, and how tricky it would be to convene a central location to meet (plus travel costs etc on top).


Currently I am part of the development group which is helping to put the 'nuts and bolts' in place before we open up to a wider audience.


Ultimately we are looking to generate events and ways of connecting, whether via virtual space or in person (time and conditions permitting).


This morning, during a meeting, it occurred to me this has been a valuable teaching on view. Our current worldview is somewhat bleak and at times pessimistic, yet out of this there is so much we are able to create and achieve. I am very grateful to have connected with the women in this group, and am excited at the prospects of how we will grow.


We are currently finalising our social media presence and newsletter sign-up, so check back for details soon!


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