The Power of Pregnancy Yoga

As soon as a woman discovers she is pregnant, a whole new world opens up to her.  In the early stages it is the many changes your body goes through in a short space of time which can be quite overwhelming.  Without warning, you are feeling exhausted and possibly nauseous.  Then comes the myriad of appointments with doctors and midwives.  It’s a lot to take in, in a short period of time.

One thing that can enable a balance in all that is happening around you at this time is the practice of yoga.  This ancient practice is so well suited to pregnancy, it makes me wonder sometimes if it wasn’t developed with that in mind!

The breathing practices bring a sense of calm and a wonderful way to feel grounded and present, and this can be taken out of the yoga class and into your medical appointments.  The breath is also a woman’s greatest ally during labour – utilising the breathing practices, can help you navigate through labour and birth, by reducing levels of anxiety.

Physical postures of yoga can bring a sense of ease and counter the physical discomforts experienced due to the many changes your body will be going through.  Yoga also enables you to feel more connected with your growing baby and strengthens the bond of love between you, knowing that you are  doing something that ultimately benefits both of you. 

When it comes to birthing, the postures lend themselves beautifully to maintaining an active birth, by ensuring baby is in an optimal position.  The regular practice of yoga during pregnancy will also have strengthened all the muscles necessary for birth too! 

Your sleep can also be improved – many of my students report that they sleep really well after their pregnancy yoga practice!

Finally, the relaxation aspect is  probably the most important of all.  Learning how to relax and let go benefits both mum and baby, but is also a valuable tool for labour and postnatal recovery too.

So whether attending a class or practising from a DVD – enjoy your pregnancy and above all, enjoy your yoga practice too!

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