The Power of 5

Just 5 minutes...

For those who attended January’s Meditation – Practice Made Simple you may now be on the week 2 practice guideline (if following the prescription) of sitting for just 5 minutes and being aware of the breath.  For those of you who may be interested, you can try it for yourself, there's not much to lose (just 5 minutes!)

5 minutes is such a small amount of time – anyone, even the busiest person, can find 5 minutes.


5 reasons for 5

Why 5 minutes?  The main reason is to establish routine.  This is essential in helping to build a practice.  Last week we looked at our motivation behind why we may want to do something.  Following close on the heels of this in terms of creating a positive ‘habit’ is being able to do something that is achievable.  5 minutes is achievable, whereas if asked to find 20 – 30 minutes most would have folded in their commitment by now.

5 minutes is also beneficial at reducing stress...again another positive antidote to our modern lives and the constant round of demands that we find ourselves facing.

5 minutes helps us to build mental meditation muscle (mmm...) the more this is flexed, the more receptive it is.  5 minutes is a micro-practice.  There’s plenty of evidence that shows that shorter practices are far more effective to longer ones (which we may do less frequently).  On the days you don’t practice, your skills erode (just a tiny bit).
Over time this increases, until you find yourself back where you started – looking at the cushion (or chair) and considering it a failed experience.

5 minutes a day helps to consolidate your practice – think of it as earning interest on your savings!

5 minutes can bring us back into the present moment and help us, in a small way, understand ourselves a little more.


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