New Meditation Focus

Last Saturday saw the last mind-training slogan (Lojong) in our monthly meditation sessions. We have been using these pithy little reminders for two years, which are teachings condensed into a one-line reminder. Having covered 24 of the 59 little gems (in no particular order), the time has come to create space for new ways of reflecting.


There is nothing stagnant about a meditation practice: as explained to the wonderful group of women on Saturday, it is ever evolving and can arise in any given moment wherever we find ourselves.


Whilst it is important to have concentrated 'sitting' time, it is as important to recognise for women, we have to take our moments as and when we can too.


Last week I visited Kew Gardens and this was my practice: walking (mindfully taking in sights, sounds and sensations); sitting (there are many convenient benches at Kew!) and picking up little treasures that the trees and plants had discarded, as well as a few feathers courtesy of the Canadian Geese.


Everywhere is in effect our meditation cushion: we can bring the same focus when walking to when we are sitting. Sometimes it may even be more productive to do this.


Our next Meditation for Women is on Saturday 04 November from 10.00 until 12.00 in Central Watford.


My next offering of A Mindful Woman starts Monday 22 January 2018 - book before 01 November and receive a saving.


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