Modern Neck Problems

Modern technology can be really beneficial and has helped us create and connect so much faster than before. However, there’s usually a price to pay and in this case, it’s our bodies – our necks in particular.


Yoga helps address many issues within the human anatomy, but cannot eradicate problems entirely. Look across any busy railway platform or whilst on the bus, and you will see any number of people, stooped necks, gazing into their mobile phones. Yoga cannot possibly hope to correct his, but it can bring relief and awareness, which can go a long way in educating us about good posture and body mechanics.


In next week’s Women’s Wisdom Yoga I shall be taking the group through a series of gentle, somatic movements to reintroduce range of motion within the back and neck.


For those who will not have the fortune of attending, here’s a link to a rather lovely, FREE course being offered by the wonderful peeps over at Yoga U Online: Yoga for Text Neck


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