Meditation & Uninvited Guests

When we get quiet (which is what our meditation practice invites us to do), that's when other elements put in an appearance.


All those uninvited visitors decide to drop in unannounced: thoughts, feelings; memories, etc.


We have a choice - this is the beauty of meditation, it's all about remembering we have choices.


You can use your normal default of burying your head in the sand and pretending these visitors aren't there (in effect, slamming the door in their face).


Or, you can invite them to join you - no need to look at them, have polite conversation or anything like that. Simply allow them to be present, without attaching a story, trying to fix them or replaying the events out in your mind.


The more we are able to shed light on all that remains hidden, the more we are able to disempower it - take the sting out of its tail, so that it reduces the hold it has over us.


Our next women's meditation session is on Saturday 22 September from 10.00 until 12.00.

Here you will find that meditation is not boring, dry or painful, but can be fun and enlightening. Oh...and we have such juicy discussions too!



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