Meditation on Oneness

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The women's meditation group that meets once-a-month in Central Watford, is currently working its way through Christina Feldman's book: Woman Awake.


It is creating something of a hotbed of discussion within our group, especially on typical themes of women's lives.


So what does this have to do with meditation?


Everything! When we sit for formal meditation, we are bringing the whole of ourselves to the cushion. The myth of clearing the mind and no-thought is nigh on impossible.


The sessions I run and create are firmly rooted in reality and how life and all its challenges cannot be left behind because we wish to take 15 minutes or so to unplug.


We will keep getting the reminders via intrusive thoughts, events that have happened appear on the mind's screen on an internal video-loop it seems, or alternatively, we are rehearsing what we will say, what someone may say in return. This is what happens when we get quiet.


Then why bother?


So that we can create space between ourselves and all that's intruding. We do this by acknowledging what's present, in each moment as it appears. Then we come back to our point of focus.


Over time, this trains the mind - yes, I used the word train, in pretty much the same context as we would train for a marathon or something else that requires our undivided attention.


As women, we are tasked with many complexities that we have to navigate on a daily basis, sadly due to the fact that the world hasn't caught on to the fact that we are still faced with inequality. For this reason alone, it becomes a feature of discussion as to how meditation can support us as women and in our lives as a result.


This Saturday (08 July) we shall be discussing chapter 3 from the book and undertaking the meditation that the author has provided; meditation on oneness.


Join us if you can. Full details can be found on the website: Claire Murphy Yoga & Meditation


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