Meditation is not a soft option

Often when we hear certain things, we immediately bring to mind an image or thought of what we know or remember. It could be a sunset - we all have our own image of what comprises a sunset, but it won't necessarily be the one that your friend is sharing with you. It could be the enjoyment of a slice of carrot cake - you remember the last slice of carrot cake you had, but it won't be the same as the one you are just about to enjoy (hopefully!)


The same can be said of meditation...we have our own thoughts and impressions on what meditation is, and over the years, I've seen it described as something that's light or without much substance - "It's easy, right? Simply close your eyes and that's it", no, not exactly.


Often we have great expectations of something prior to starting. Well, we need to have a certain amount of enthusiasm and hope otherwise we wouldn't start anything would we?


Meditation falls into this category - seems like a good idea, but then...well, we come face-to-face with all the 'stuff' we've been trying to push away or forget. There's the argument you had with the mum at the school; the ungratefulness of your boss when you stayed late to get that report finished; or how about the time when that car pulled out on you whilst you were driving the other day?


In fact, when we sit and anticipate, (even hope), that it's going to be a gentle transition into 10 or 20 minutes of blissful oblivion, it turns into something of a monstrous, mental wrecking ground.


Believe it or not, this is normal. This is what happens. Only problem is, not many people tell you about it, let alone talk about it. If these things are not discussed, how can you possibly learn to deal with them when trying to meditate?


In Meditation & More, we discuss this and so much more, which is why those attending are seeing the fruits of their meditation practice. Don't get me wrong, it's not happened overnight, but it is happening and that's the point.

Those attending find the group environment very supportive, open and friendly and this alone is what keeps them on their meditation cushion (chairs are optional too!)


We have also just begun our next group book - The Untethered Soul - (image at the top of this blog shows you more). By using a book as another aspect of our practice, it provides us jumping off points in what's coming up in our sitting practice and more importantly, everyday life.


Our next session is Saturday 11 June at 10.00am and it would be lovely to see you there. The journey with meditation can start at any point and I provide a gentle process for those who are just getting started. You can find out more here


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