Meditation: How we bring our life onto the cushion

2016 is probably going to be marked as the year that has seen so many upsets. From the loss of so many well known stars that we've all adored right across to the political spectrum producing shocking results.


One thing that's something of a constant is that voice that says, "it shouldn't be like this".


We find ourselves attached to the way we feel life should be without any regard for the constant change that life brings. Seasons move and change and as a result, new life emerges. Whilst difficult to imagine at this time, new things will continue to emerge as a result of old ways dying. Change also acts as a catalyst. It is an enabler. Change helps us to become more active in our lives when faced with events that are jarring or serve to rub us up the wrong way.


The way I teach meditation at my monthly session is that we bring all of this into our practice. Meditation may sometimes offer a retreat away from what's going on 'out there', but it's how it's impacting on what's happening within which is more important. We can only avoid, ignore or push away for so long. Eventually we have to face these issues square on.


With loving kindness and without judgement, I teach meditation so that we can learn how to bring ease into our lives. Learning how to sit with what's difficult, even if it's for 3 breaths. Recognising that the face of that which we fear can be transformed when we apply a different lens - a different way of viewing it.


To make things a little easier, I created this video which takes you through the process I apply with the aid of Lojong. The process of mind training is nothing new, but still finding relevance in being able to apply it to our modern-day lives is what keeps the practice alive and vibrant for me.

If you want to learn more or see how meditation can help transform the seemingly impossible, join me for one of my monthly sessions in Central Watford, Hertfordshire. Our next Meditation & More session in on Saturday 03 December.

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