Meditation: finding the right practice

Google meditation and you will be inundated with thousands of possibilities, amongst which will be familiar themes (many cliched) on how it will help you clear your mind (I'm still yet to understand how this is even possible), how it can change your life in 21 days (what happens after that time?) as well as epic journeys into colourful realms. 

Many are very sincere and well-meaning, but there's very few that will suggest using the very stuff of your life as the fuel for the practice.

People, generally, come to meditation when things are a little tricky in their lives - very rarely do they think of beginning a practice when things are going swimmingly.

With this in mind, what would be the benefits of escaping for 10, 20 or 60 minutes only to have it all crash back in on you as you get off the cushion?

The practices you will be invited to explore with me ask that we welcome everything into the practice with us, because it's only then will we be able to find resolution and ease.

So, if you meditate already, ask yourself this question: 'how well does it reflect my needs?'


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