Jake's Baby Yoga Experience

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Jake is 6 months old now and we've been attending baby yoga since he was 7 weeks.

I'm no stranger to Claire's yoga classes having been a regular student of hers for many, many years and then having the wonderful experience of attending her pregnancy yoga sessions.  It was always a matter of when Jake would start and not if.


I wanted Jake to experience the gentle massage and interaction with other babies whilst also having a 'little workout' accompanied by songs and rhymes.  It also gives me some 'special' one-to-one time with Jake with the added bonus that he always sleeps well on a baby yoga night!


Jake loves the singing.  I haven't got the best voice, but it's Mummy's voice and he appreciates it.  Once he has finished scanning the room and taking in all the other babies, I feel we have a real connection with the rhymes and certain songs always make him laugh or giggle.  If he could talk I'm sure he would say, "Mummy, can you improve your singing" or, "again, again" for any song that involves Jake being held up high or gently thrown in the air (he loves being held high).


I love the whole experience of each session, but it's nice to have gentle stretches and relaxation time which is always a bonus.  Being a Mummy is a busy job and we never make enough time for ourselves, so to be able to just switch off for 5 minutes and just laying with Jake is pure bliss.  It's also amazing how quiet the room is at this time considering there are so many babies.  It just goes to show how much the yoga has calmed and satisfied them.


I have found that the baby yoga has made Jake a very sociable little boy - he loves meeting other babies and has a soft spot for Claire (!)  Jake was a breech baby and needed some encouragement with his neck muscles.  I think all the gentle movements he gets from the session have all helped.


When you first have a baby, the prospect of going any further than your front door is very daunting, and I couldn't imagine how I could get us both out in the morning to be somewhere for 10.00am.  But you do manage and the sense of achievement I first felt was amazing.  I felt so proud and especially after seeing how much Jake has benefited from the class, I knew I had done the right thing.


Jake is now 6 months and we've only missed one class due to Mummy being unwell.  I have also met some lovely friends who I now meet up with regularly with their little ones and I can't recommend the class enough.  Having Jake has changed my life and I have the baby yoga to thank for the new social life that both myself and Jake have as a result.


The added bonus is the fact that you can use the songs and movements at home or when out and about with your little one and we enjoy singing to the rest of the family too.  Our favourite rhyme would have to be 'The Wheels on the Bus' as this song comforts Jake whenever he's upset.  (We tend to add our own version of what's happening on the bus so we can bring in the whole family including our dog!)


Details of upcoming baby yoga classes can be found here: Baby Yoga


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