Grounded Presence

The Dome & Lantern

Inspiration for classes can come from a variety of sources – sometimes as teachers we choose to work to a theme for a set number of weeks.  In the past I have had rotations of various guises as a foundation and at other times it can be hip openers or back strengthening.


Sometimes inspiration can come from a mantra or a short piece of writing, or it may even be one posture that lends itself to the creation of a whole class.


This week my inspiration came from a somewhat unusual source – Leonard da Vinci – in particular The Dome & Lantern in the Cathedral of Milan.


Not your usual source of ‘go to’ material for a yoga class, but it was the dome itself that caught me.
The construction of a man-made dome requires lots of scaffolding and supports in order to create the dome and in da Vinci’s case, apparatus that would be needed in the building that would not comprise the dome itself once finished.


Within us we have many naturally occurring domes: the arches of the feet; palms of the hands; the front of the pubic bone (symphysis pubis); diaphragm; upper palate of the mouth; the perineum and the inside of the skull and so on.


Each in turn are an amazing demonstration of the wonderful  buoyancy that is created with two main components – the breath and gravity.  These domes lift up the more we engage with gravity and the foundation beneath us.  So in class, we can experiment with grounding our energy downwards, which in turn, lifts us.


Then, if all else fails, we can simply enjoy looking at the picture!

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