Gather all the parts of yourself back

Last week I took my Matryoshka dolls to class. Why? Because I'm a visual person and I know others are too, so it's important to find ways to convey verbal cues that are given.

Often the imagery I suggest is to gather all the parts of yourself you've left elsewhere over the course of the day. This is typically done at the start of a class in order to set the scene (so to speak) and to allow the transition from the day into the yoga class. I often speak of all our parts as women that have become fractured over the day and to imagine we are breathing them back.


But what does this mean?

Take the dolls: at the start of the day we will be the larger one - vital and ready for the day. Something happens and part of us splits off and the energy is taken from us and this continues so by the end of the day, we can be left feeling reduced (exhausted, frustrated - whatever best describes your felt sense).


The aim by the end of class is for all the smaller parts to become part of the whole again!


Our next course of classes will be open for booking shortly. Come and gather all those parts of yourself back again.


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Originally posted on Esprit Yoga Blog

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