Flexing the Meditation Muscle

Today was the March offering of Meditation - Practice Made Simple.  Over the last few months, those attending have been trying some different approaches and techniques in order to learn how to not only focus the mind, but keep it focused.


It's easy isn't it?  All you need to do is sit and then 10, 20 or even 30 minutes later you're done!  In principle, yes, it is simple, but sadly, the complexities of our mind and habits and thoughts and life and this, and that get in the way.  What starts out as the intention of a 10 minute interlude to reconnect with ourselves and to reboot our inner system can often turn into a drive up a one-way road (the wrong way!)


So what's the answer?


We need to flex our meditation muscle a bit more and there's a process that I have been encouraging the group to take and to keep taking.  

First...we begin to focus our attention on something (example: the breath).  

Second...we notice when our mind has wandered.  To help them further, I introduced the concept of our mind / thoughts being like a little wooly yak (it's had surprising results!)  

Third...we detach from where it has wandered off to (guiding our yak back home) and finally, we rest it back on the focus of our meditation (in this example, the breath).


Every time we go through this 4-part process, we flex our meditation muscle a little more and at the same time, we use different circuitry within the brain - we are encouraging neuroplasticity - rewiring neural pathways, rather than always using the same grooves and default patterns (which by the way, don't always serve us.  If we want things to change, we have to change the way we think about them).


We are next flexing our meditation muscle on Saturday 09 May and you can book here: Meditation - Practice Made Simple



[Image: Shutterstock - used under licence]


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