Early bird expires soon!

With only 26 days until the early bird offer expires are you planning what you would like to do or achieve next year?


Now into its third year, my yoga retreat at the amazing Watermill in Posara, Italy offers a week of complete nourishment on every level.


Today I'm focusing on the meditation offering: We begin each morning at 08.00 with meditation - a gentle, guided practice to help ease you into the day and it also introduces the theme of the day's practices.

Within the morning meditation I offer a day's writing prompt for those that wish to have a little more focus.

Meditation also features in the main yoga sessions (post-breakfast and lunch) and we complete each day with a silent meditation in the studio, which by then is lit by candles - it's truly beautiful.


As it is both a retreat and a holiday for you, all offerings are optional, as you are of course free to do as little or as much as is offered.


The retreat runs from 25 August to 01 September 2018 and is ALL INCLUSIVE - yes, you read that correctly.


Simply get yourself to Pisa airport and our hosts, Bill and Lois, take care of the rest.


For further details & to secure your booking with a deposit & take advantage of the early bird visit: watermill.net/yoga-retreat

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