Crossing the Boundary

Picture this: a bright, sunny Easter Sunday morning (8am to be precise) - connected to Zoom, with 9 women from different areas (including Madrid), converging to take part in a virtual conversation with nature.


This was our alternative to being physically present together beneath our Guardian Tree.


It felt, initially, something of a risk to ask women to join me based on the felt sense that it could still work. However, after the first 15 minutes, I knew that I'd made the right decision. Connection, whatever form it presents itself right now, is so very much needed.


Having shared a meditation and had some journal writing time, the women went off into their own unique nature area (home, garden or park / woodland) to have a conversation with a nature ally. We agreed a time to return to the call.


Facilitating and holding space is always something of a juggling act of group / individual needs, objectives and expectations. This is tricky enough when in-person, but holding these dynamics virtually is something else!


1.5 hours later, everyone started returning to the call, and after some more journal writing, sharing of personal experiences opened up. This is the part where magic is witnessed, and I never fail to be inspired, humbled and appreciative of all that is revealed. Hearing each individual account of how nature has reached out to touch each person in a unique way is so very intimate and yet so healing too.


Following the ending of our time, my inbox and message centre received photos, audio, and poems that the women wished to share with me.


Here are some of their expressions following our time together:


"I am still buzzing, so wonderful to hear all the different experiences we had from the same prompts. Thank you again."

"Thank you so much Claire! What a lovely and profound workshop. I really enjoyed it."

"Thank you so much for yesterday. It was beautiful and all encompassing. I love this poem. Am going to print it out and put it on my vibration / vision board. So grateful for you and all you share xxxxx "

"Thank you for a luscious and moving morning with your Women in Nature gathering. I settled by a Grandmama Apple Tree in our nearby orchard. Remembering the history of the orchard and how patients of the psychiatric hospital used to look after the trees."

"Thank you so much for the gifts you tentatively offer. Thank you for your acceptance of 'what we pick up'. I cannot tell you how rich yesterday was for me, and long after we said our goodbyes, I was still processing. [...] Nature is our teacher, the good, the bad and the ugly, all we have to do is be open and connected. One day I will tell you how freeing all this has been. I send warmest wishes and a virtual hug xx"



[Image: a participant's image of a stone, marking the crossing of the boundary from 'inside' to 'outside' - normal to sacred]

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