Conscious Journaling

So much of our time is spent in front of one sort of screen or another - it's either our phones, laptops or even both at the same time. The one thing that is the same is the way we input what we wish to write - via a keypad or keyboard.


Whilst fast and efficient (I still remember my RSA Shorthand and Typing training days on a manual typewriter!) it is more a linear approach.


When we swap out our keypad for a pen (pencil, crayon, whatever is close to hand), it accesses a different part of the brain - and more importantly, it can be the subconscious part.


Writing by hand is a more meditative process - we need to consider a little more before we commit to paper (oops! no automatic backspace / delete button).


Our breathing changes when we write by hand too and it also helps to generally slow our bodily systems down and it becomes a more meditative activity.


In January I shall be guiding a wonderful group of women through a day's workshop of meditation, movement and mindful writing.


I have chosen January as this is the period of time we generally start off with some good intentions. Also, it provides a nurturing and nourishing day of rest and gentle activities to help us replenish following the busy Christmas period.


Perhaps one of your intentions is to start a daily journal practice? Well, you've heard so many other people go on about it and have often wondered how you'd even start. That's covered.


It could be that you are a budding writer - you're burning with the passion to have your own story (fiction or non-fiction) published, but keep getting stuck. That's covered by utilising a variety of prompts, we can learn how even the most seemingly mundane can turn into juicy words on a page.


Our day is taking place at Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford, Lincolnshire on Saturday 14 January from 10.00 to 16.30


Early-bird offer runs to the end of this month (November) at an unbelievable bargain of £40.00 for the day.


To find out more and to book your place, please visit: Women's Stories; What our words say about us

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