Code Red

As many of you will be aware, I read - constantly.  I'm never that far removed from anything printed and can't contemplate not having a book or my Kindle in a bag wherever I go.  Time spent sitting is time spent reading (apart from when I'm meditating that is).


A book started to appear on my Facebook timeline about a week ago and I admit that at the time, I just kept scrolling.

Then, almost like divine intervention, I decided I needed to find out more and that's when Code Red stood for more than an alert of something dangerous happening.


I ordered and received the book on Thursday (without realising just how fresh and hot off the press it was) and have read it from cover to cover.  So impressed with what I discovered, I even went as far as ordering Lisa Lister's Oracle Cards, which are simply divine to hold in the hand (if you're touchy-feely like me, then you won't be disappointed).


At my time of life (!) I'm quite well educated and informed about the feminine cycle of menstruation and its different phases.

What I hadn't considered doing was tracking it and by that I mean, really noting what's happening each day.  Cue the search for the right app (no, I don't really want to know when I can best fall pregnant thank you, a little late in the day for that!).  After trying 4 different apps, I've finally settled on one that appears to be up to the task.  The filling in each day of what's going on has become quite a fun activity (who'd have thought tracking your cycle, moods, symptoms etc could be so EXCITING?)


Please bear in mind that I've only had this book in my hands for 4 days since receiving it, yet already my mind has been opened to so many possibilities and understanding of what's real for me in relation to my cycle and how it's changing now that menopause is knocking at the door.


I've now noticed my injured pelvis is affected by my cycle - I've managed to do this by back-tracking my 'symptoms' (put a new app in my hands and I like to squeeze it to the max) up to the present time as I'd logged my bad days of pain already.

Never would I have made the connection between the two if it hadn't been for the rallying cry of advice from the pages of Code Red.


Want to find out more?  Head over now to The Sassy She to find out more and also to grab yourself a copy.  Believe me, understanding your cycle isn't just about working out when you're fertile, it holds the key to so much about our lives and how to be the best we can be when the time is right each month.



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