C is for...

~ Courage ~ Compassion ~ Connection ~


At the time of writing this, we are all experiencing something that we could not have predicted, nor have the emotional and physical resources to fully understand.

It is important to try, as best you can, not to be drawn in to the sensationalism on social media, and to follow basic practices to keep yourself and loved ones safe.


I take the health and wellbeing of all the women I am in contact with seriously, and to this end am taking measures to ensure our classes, whilst they are still able to run, are a safe place for all who attend.


  • Yoga classes: the school is currently still open to hirers, and it is my intention, unless the local authority changes its view, to continue with the next x 3 session. Should anyone wish to self isolate, I respect your choice to do so. Everyone brings their own yoga mats etc, which allows you to be responsible for cleaning / sanitising. During this time, I shall no longer be offering practices which require the use of props (blocks, belts). Hand sanitiser will be available at all classes. In respect of classes following the Easter break: this will need to be determined nearer the time and you will be contacted via email.
  • Meditation: Dates for ongoing sessions are available, but not open for booking. As soon as I am aware of how events unfold, this will determine whether an in-person session is possible. Alternative preparations are being made to take our meditation online via the Zoom platform.
  • Physical contact: as many of you are aware, I rarely make physical contact in our yoga classes by adjustments. In addition, as much as I love you all, shall refrain from hugs.


Should anyone wish to discuss this further with me, please do let me know how I can help.


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