Birth Fears

Birth Fears - we all have them to a lesser or greater degree.  Often one of the first thoughts a woman has after finding out she is pregnant is to then have the thought, "Oh, I've got to go through labour."

In class I always say right at the top of the first session, if you have fears, you need to get them out in the open, talk about them, deal with them, otherwise they can get in the way of labour.

There is evidence which has shown that the more fearful a woman is in labour the longer and more painful the experience will be.

Sometimes, we simply need to have the understanding of what can lead to a fear we have becoming manifest.


Forceps - the use of forceps happens primarily for two reasons: Either poor positioning of baby and / or lack of movement from the mother.  If you have had an epidural, it heightens the chances of needing an intervention like forceps or ventouse to help either rotate or bring your baby out.


Tearing - positioning is key in helping to prevent this happening.  Women who are more upright during 2nd stage help themselves by keeping the pressure of baby's head on the perineum even.  If lying down / semi-supine whilst pushing, puts un-even pressure on the perineum, again lifting the chances of tearing happening.


So what can you do?  Talk to your birth partner and your midwife if you have something really niggling at you.  Keep communication open and remember, that your needs are a priority.  We often have a fear of worrying or burdening others.


Keep in mind the following acronym - BRAN

When faced with an intervention ask:

B = what are the Benefits?

R = what are the Risks?

A = are there any Alternatives?

N = Not Now - what if I wait an hour?


Often with the 'N' if you are able to wait for another hour or so, the intervention clearly wasn't a necessity at the point it was being offered and this gives you time to get a little more proactive and make some changes in your labour.


Labour Comforts - I have put a series of short videos on the Facebook page which takes you through some different techniques.


Birthing Positively - this is my guide to creating the birth that's right for you.  It is written with the birth partner in mind so that they can support you effectively.  As a special offer, I am offering it for £14.00 until 06 October 2013 (that's a saving of £3.99)


[Photo Credit: Susan Alexander Photography - 07966 142812 / Image from 'Birthing Positively - The Guide to Creating the Birth That's Right for You']

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