Be sure of your pelvic floor

Open up any women's magazine and generally you will find advertisements for discreet help with incontinence all the way up to 'gadgets' that can help strengthen and improve the tone of your pelvic floor muscles.



All sounds 'ok'...but is it? How much does any woman generally know about this vital part of her body and more importantly, know what's the best approach once things go a little wonky?



We are encouraged to do kegels (squeeze hard and let go - fast). Some places will encourage you to aim to do x 100 per day - every red traffic your kegels.  But, thank goodness, it is being more and more understood that this isn't always the right prescription if you find yourself a little caught short on a regular basis.



Let's take a moment to consider how a kegel may weaken this area of your body, rather than strengthen it.



As you're reading this, make fists with both of your hands. Go on, right now, really tight fists. Keep squeezing...a bit harder...a bit more...keep squeezing...just a bit more...ok, now relax.



What was the result? How comfortable was that?



Now consider this being done all day, every day with your pelvic floor muscles. No wonder this area becomes fatigued, weaker and less optimal.



Having covered this previously in my posts Pelvic Floor Focus #1 and Pelvic Floor Focus #2, I got together with a great colleague of mine, Kate Codrington and we discussed the pelvic floor in particular relating to the postnatal and menopausal periods of a woman's life. You can view our little chat below and it's our hope that this will start to reduce the sense of shame that many women carry in relation to this aspect of their lives and physical health.


Click on the image below to watch the video and to find out more...



There's also an mp3 which you can use to get started right away!



[This first appeared on my dedicated blog: Esprit Yoga, along with the posts Pelvic Floor Focus #1 and #2]

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