Attachments: what are you clinging to?

Goodness me, 18 January already - this month feels like it's marching ahead with some kind purpose (or is that just me?)


Classes are all now underway and it's good to see many students who've returned following our break for the New Year, and it's also so lovely to meet those who are new or returning after a break of a period of time.


Today I have shifted my 'office' to a temporary setting (the sofa). Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you need a little more care.



On Saturday I ran a long, yet incredible workshop (Women's Stories) in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The women that attended were all AMAZING and the level of focus and engagement was brilliant.


I'm currently making the final adjustments to the next meditation session on Saturday 11 February and was aware that the theme within this session can be applied to our yoga practice as well.


We are progressing through our group reading guide - The Untethered Soul: Michael A Singer - and I have invited the meditation group to look at their attachments.


At first glance we may immediately consider attachments pertaining to relationships. But what about those daily habits we have? Coffee? Sugar? Or even the way we dress? We are attached to so many ways of being that they often don't register, not until we remove them. (Well, don't remove the clothes, it's a little too chilly!)


How about the way we approach our yoga practice? In last night's class, I invited the group to keep the focus of ease (Sanskrit: sukkha) in mind. Often, as in life, we are too preoccupied or attached to the destination and omit to pay attention to the journey itself.


We may approach a yoga posture the same way because it's a habit. Stepping away from the familiar, we can appreciate the subtleties of sensation that we may have previously overlooked.


The women who attended the workshop had no idea what to expect from the day (many readily admitted), so this meant there was no attachment to a certain outcome.


You see, attachments take many forms.


Join us for February's meditation - it's a great group (honestly) and as well as 2-3 meditation practices in each session, there's lively discussion too.



There's still time to join the daytime women's yoga that began last Thursday - drop-in is available at this class. (Full details in the link).


The evening class is currently fully booked. The next course will be open shortly for booking.

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