Alpa's Birth Story

I had originally signed up for pregnancy yoga a couple of years ago, when I became pregnant with my first baby. I didn't manage to make it to a single class! I was always so sick or in hospital on a drip that I never even met Claire!

We finally met when I signed up for baby yoga after the traumatic birth of my first baby. Even after having written in red ink on the birth plan no
C-SECTION I ended up having a c-section! I was distraught, still I had a beautiful, happy baby.

Soon I found myself pregnant again, I was adamant this time to make it to the pregnancy yoga sessions. Once again I signed up and I was unbelievably grateful that I did! I realised how unprepared I had been for my first labour. With the yoga sessions not only was I able to keep fit physically and mentally, but I learnt so SO much!  Much more then I could ever imagine.

I spoke to Claire on the phone and in the session she was extremely positive and encouraging, believing in me, that this time I could give birth naturally.  I learnt that all pregnant women were made to give birth! It's just believing in yourself and convincing the mind that you can.

I decided to go for a VBAC even though I was told by midwives there was risk of tearing. Claire was extremely supportive of my decision.
At times things would arise in class that I had no idea about and I would research them.  I discovered so much.  The best thing I learnt about was stage 3 labour and not having the injection, the loss of blood and iron to the baby.  It's a shame that women don't get given this information in antenatal classes or by their midwifes.  (I never knew this for my first birth!) However, I was lucky enough to have my lotus birth after attending Claire's pregnancy yoga classes and I don't think I would have been successful without her!

(I did try other classes in other areas however, after one term I stopped wasting my money,  I soon realised that the only class that was going to be beneficial was Claire's).

Thankfully Claire was/is full of knowledge that is beyond ones imagination!  I am lucky to have had my very successful VBAC and I couldn't have managed it without Claire's classes, her knowledge and the input and well wishes of other pregnant ladies.

[Picture Copyright: Kaylan - born 15 June]

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