108 Minutes of Meditation

Today, Saturday 02 July, I was joined by a team of very wonderful and generous people in order to sit and meditate for a total of 108 minutes.


For anyone who has ever tried meditation, or meditates regularly, you will know that this is no easy feat.


Why 108? As our endeavours were undertaken to raise funds for the Tibet Relief Fund, the 108 is significant to the number of beads found on a mala.

To make it easier (!), the 108 minutes were broken down in 3 x 36 minute sessions. The first 36 minutes were given to meditating on the breath; the second session was meditation on sound and the final session was silent sitting.


It has to be said, that the energy created was dynamic and vibrant and it was amazing to be able to share this with those who took part.


I was joined by some of the regular monthly meditation team from Meditation & More as well as others who kindly donated their time and meditation muscle!


There’s still time to donate if you wish – you can make your offering here: Meditate for Tibet


For details of my regular meditation offerings, please visit here: Meditate in Watford


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