Yoga: Business or Pleasure?

From yesterday, another (!) government ruling stated that we were not 'allowed' to meet in groups of more than six. And yet...this doesn't apply to businesses: pubs, restaurants, shops - all will have 'gatherings' of more than six. The difference being whether its purpose is business or pleasure. This, at a time, when women are not allowed to have their partners present at important developmental scans or birth, we can still rock up to the pub and be present with an array of people outside our normal 'bubble'.


What does any of this have to do with yoga?


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Sakyadhita UK

For some years, I have been a member of Sakyadhita International, whose key objectives are:

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Anti-Racism Statement

The current global unrest makes it more important than ever to issue a statement in support of people of colour everywhere.


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Writing Prompt

Using the above prompt - settle yourself to observe your breath for several minutes, whilst considering the prompt.

When you feel called, pick up your pen and write as stream of consciousness - let go of the need for perfection, perfect grammar and most important of all, permission for handwriting to be as messy as it needs to be.

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The Bed

For a writer, an everyday object can take on poetic / prose form, depending on the lens that it is applied. The Bed is one such piece of writing I first encountered whilst on a writing retreat on the Isle of Iona, run by the magnificent Roselle Angwin.

I returned to this prompt recently, and afterwards remembered my earlier writing. After digging through stacks of journals and rediscovering the piece, I thought it would be interesting to put them together as an experiment to see how time changes perspective, and more importantly my writing. 

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Crossing the Boundary

Picture this: a bright, sunny Easter Sunday morning (8am to be precise) - connected to Zoom, with 9 women from different areas (including Madrid), converging to take part in a virtual conversation with nature.


This was our alternative to being physically present together beneath our Guardian Tree.


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Virtual Womxn in Nature

It is a known fact, that when faced with adversity, we are able to show our creativity and resilience in many unique ways.


Having planned another Womxn in Nature outdoors workshop, I initially felt disheartened, wondering when it would be possible to reschedule.


Then I realised that with the gift of technology, and womxn's unique blend of resourcefulness, it was still possible and I'm so excited.


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There is no normal...

I know these are challenging times, but I really do feel we need to stop using the phrase of 'going back to normal' - surely this is what got us in this mess to begin with?

When I used to teach for pregnancy, women would talk of getting back to normal after having a baby - there's no 'going back' to how things were before - all is changed forever.

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