Passionate about yoga and meditation

Meet Claire Murphy

Claire Murphy

Passionate about teaching yoga, meditation and massage and their many therapeutic and remedial uses, has been a way of life for Claire for more than 25 years.


After teaching for some time, Esprit Yoga came into being in 1992 following a varied career background which covered automotive / agricultural paint refinishes, computer networking and a leading brand of hot beverages.  The name (pronounced es-Pree) epitomises all that I bring through my teaching - wisdom; intelligence; inspiration; mental balance; enthusiasm and devotion.


Being a very enthusiastic teacher, I bring a sense of humour and imagination to my teaching in order to make it accessible to everyone.


My style of teaching is very eclectic, borne out of studying and training in various traditions over the years across the UK and in many other areas of Europe and extensively in the USA.


I am not aligned with any particular yoga school / tradition or teacher, as this allows me the freedom to be able to practise and teach the yoga that is respectful of who I am, which in turn, allows me to be respectful of the needs of my students. 


However, one teacher in particular stands out above all others for encouraging a sense of integrity to both the practice and teaching of yoga, and that is Angela Farmer.  I am indebted to the work of both Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten for their creativity and inspiration.  Their approach helped me to find my own way within both the practice and the teaching of this art and to find the confidence to release myself from the confines of rigidity, instead replacing it with flow.


All teachings are compassion based.


I have extensive training and teaching credentials which ensures that I am able to provide a fresh approach, based on current teaching methodologies and research.


Inner reflection as well as a devotional approach to practice is very important to me so that the student can prepare themselves completely for their practice with an open mind and an open heart. 


Classes are secular (non-denominational).